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hello i hope you enjoyed your holiday . i went and looked at my grades to see what the professor gave me on the paper and i must tell you he gave me an 0, please read the comments below :

this is not an outline. please try again. if you are not clear about what is being asked, please click on the “examples” link below. i will grade this with a 10% penalty if it is submitted by 1/3/2013. thanks.

week 10 course project--50 points. review the prompt and the articles you've used so far in the term to decide how you're going to approach this. then produce an outline using any of the standard outline formats accessible through this link:
recognizable outline format containing all necessary information you plan to cover (e.g. comparison of market models, degrees of market power held in each, implications for decision options and decision-making, outcomes expected as a result in each case)--35 points
spelling, grammar, spacing, usage (it's only an outline, so please read it before you submit it) 15 points
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