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ok situma below is the email the professor sent in reference to the completion of the paper in my other class :

course project--150 points
content: paper addresses specifics of the prompt, including identifying basic questions (don't fill up two pages restating the task, just state what kind of problems, options, and opportunities may be encountered, e.g. what kind of organizational architecture may be present in each existing firm? will changes be appropriate? if so, what kinds of changes (and if not, how best to integrate operations among the three entities? to what extent is this market impacted by government regulation, and what does that mean for each kind of market structure?) concepts studied and discussed in class tasks should be referenced where appropriate. (ideally, this should bear some resemblance to the outline prepared in week 10.) 80 points
bibliography: contains a minimum of 3 (ideally 3-5) scholarly articles which are used to support points made in your paper and referenced appropriately 35 points
overall presentation: length (minimum 8 pages), clarity, grammar, spelling, usage 25 points. (please read this critically before you submit it.)
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