create a database design

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transform the underlying data model to database design
the tables, their attributes, primary key, foreign key and candidate key are:
• cd( cd_name based on, book by, music by, lyrics by, choreographed by, directed by, produced by) ; candidate key is(based on, cd_name)
• artist(cd_name artis_ name);candidate key is(cd_name)
• song(cd_name song name, sung_by, song_length); candidate key are(cd name, song name)
• role(cd name artist name, role played); candidate key is(cd name)
• cd_detail(cd name writer name); candidate key is ‘cd name’
here foreign key is common for all, that is, 'cd name'.
relationship can have four minimum cardinality parent optional and child optional (0-0), parent mandatory and child optional (m-0), parent optional and child mandatory (0-m), and parent mandatory and child mandatory (m-m).
the very first step to enforce a minimum cardinality is to find out the type of relationship and if the relationship is 0-0 , no further action is required and if any of the three relationships exist then restriction is needed to insert, update, delete.
actions to be performed on parent and child are noted by seeing their optional and mandatory nature.
here the relationship between various entities is mandatory- to-mandatory
so, for parent while inserting no action is done on parent but for child a parent entity is acquired. foreign keys are matched between the parent and child and for deleting the parent it is necessary to delete the child.
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