create a jsf web app that allows users to sign

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create a jsf web app that allows users to sign and view a guestbook.use the guestbook database to store guestbook entries. the guestbook database has a single table, messages, which has four columns: date, name, email and message. the database already contains a few sample entries. using the addressbook app in section 30.2 as your guide, create two facelets pages and a managed bean. the index.xhtml page should show the guestbook entries in tabular format and should provide a button to add an entry to the guestbook. when the user clicks this button, display an addentry.xhtml page. provide h:inputtext elements for the user’s name and email address, an h:inputtextarea for the message and a sign guestbook button to submit the form. when the form is submitted, you should store in the guestbook database a new entry containing the user’s input and the date of the entry.
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