create a system that tells you what companies have visited your website

Project Description:

general information for the website: ip tracking
kind of development: new website from scratch
description of requirements/features: i would like to set up a system i can provide to my clients that enables them to receive information on the people visiting their website by tracking their ip address and then doing a reverse dns look up to see if there is any company information attached to the visitor.

this is currently being done by a lot of people, including:

i have had a play with google analytics and clicky is great for getting ip addresses. then using to do a reverse ip lookup. so maybe you can use these services api to automate the process.

to deliver:

a very basic webpage or application where i or the client can enter their details (name, email address) to create an account. it will then generate a unique snippet of code that they need to add their website that will be on every page. in the same way when setting up google analytics for example.

the system will then start tracking the visitors and send the client an email when a successful track has been made. or a summary of them all at the end of the day.

that's it. would be nice if the client could login somewhere and see a full list, but not essential. just the emails are fine i think. i want to keep it simple.

i am technical and easy to work with, and see this project as something interesting to try and develop. no massive rush to deliver it.
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