create a webpage for company sparkling surfaces cleaning company

Project Description:

specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in this milestone:
 the company name, displayed prominently at the top of the page using the h1 tag
 a description of the company and the service it provides, using the paragraph tag
 one or more images
 an email address that includes a mailto link
 two or more hyperlinks to external sites (these can be added to the description of the company or elsewhere on the page)
 a form with at least four unique fields
 a css file that styles all elements in the html file, with at least one example of applying styles using each of the following css selectors:
o .class
o #id
o element name
the my first webpage task should be organized and submitted as follows:
 a top-level folder with the following naming convention: it647_m2_studentname. this folder should be compressed into a zip file for submission.
 an index.html file inside of the top-level folder that contains all html elements for the webpage
 a “css” folder inside the top-level folder
 a css file, inside the css folder, that contains all css for the webpage and is linked to from the index.html file
 an “images” folder inside the top-level folder, containing all images used in the index.html folder
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