creating a website

Project Description:

in this milestone, you will begin to create a site management plan that addresses decisions related to planning and layout and design for the site.

prompt: you and your team have been tasked with developing a management plan and website for a housecleaning company called sparkling surfaces cleaning company. in addition to using the site to find new clients, the company’s owners also want to find a way to generate revenue from the site itself. in the first round of development the site will be used primarily to provide information to prospective clients and provide them with a means to submit their information to the company to receive a free quote for cleaning services. in the future, the site may allow online payments and the retrieval of personal information, and as a result, quality, security, and privacy are top concerns.

it is your responsibility to define the management plan and create basic pages for the site. in this milestone, you will begin to create your management plan concentrating on the planning, and the layout and design sections.

specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
 planning for the site:
o select a domain name, decide where the site will be hosted, and provide a detailed rationale for the choices made.
o determine how the owners of the site will be able to generate revenue (i.e., which e-commerce models can be used).
o determine the development approach that will be used to build the site and provide a rationale for the approach chosen.

 layout and design for the site:
o determine the design requirements that the site must meet (i.e., which specific design approaches will be used, which must be avoided, etc.). o determine the technical requirements around user experience that the site must conform to in order to provide an acceptable experience.
o make decisions about site content—how the information on your site will be structured and why.

requirements of submission: the creating a plan for success document should follow these formatting guidelines: four to six pages, double spaced, 12-point times new roman font, one-inch margins. apa citations should be used for all sources.
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