creative spark talk analysis

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due 11-8-15
watch - amy e. herman's tedtalk, "how art can help you analyze." (locate the talk on the internet.) youtube
in order to write this paper.
review - the entire list of talks on the "creative spark" ted channel.
select - one talk that is of interest to you and watch it in its entire length.
provide - a brief biography of the speaker including his/her name and position, location of ted conference, and year of the talk in your summary.
write - a 700- to 1,050-word summary of the salient points made in the talk and its supporting details that catch your interest.
include - a response to each of the following questions in your summary:
how does the talk's content illuminate some of the stages of creativity?
how does the topic of the talk relate to the concepts of imagination and curiosity?
how do some of the points made in the talk apply to your personal experience and benefit society as a whole?
format - your paper consistent with the apa guidelines. your paper should include a cover page, thesis statement, conclusion, and reference page.
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