credit card data breaches

Project Description:

in this task you will discuss a security breach, any laws or regulations that might have been violated, and the consequences to the business and its customers. you will need to conduct some independent research for this task.


conduct an internet search for information related to data breaches in a particular business.
in the forum, in no more than three paragraphs:
identify the breach and the business in which it occurred. also identify the timeframe of the breach.
identify any laws or regulations in effect at the time of the breach. if there were no such laws or regulations at the time, are they in existence now? and, if they are not in existence now, should they be? explain what the intent of the law or regulation is for protecting information.
what were the consequences of the breach: monetary, loss of consumer confidence, loss of business or brand image? how has the business fared since the breach?
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