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crimj 012
q1- in the lesson plan there are a series of questions that are often used in citizen surveys, the purpose of which is to measure public perceptions of their local neighborhoods. researchers then use citizens' responses to these questions in statistical models to measure the relationship between signs of public disorder and victimization experiences. it is hypothesized that in neighborhoods with high levels of social and physical incivilities, crime is likely to be higher. take a few moments to examine these questions and see how you would respond to them. think next about what you know about crime in your immediate neighborhood. do you see a correlation between the condition of your neighborhood and the crime that occurs in your neighborhood?

q2- choose one of the following articles via electronic reserves readings:
1. sampson, r. j. & groves, w. b. (1989). community structure and crime: testing social-disorganization theory. american journal of sociology, 94, 774-802.pages
for this question use the attachment sufficient overvie
pubpl 201-homeland security
q1- our country has suffered many natural disasters during the past five years. select a recent national disaster and analyze the response from a state government viewpoint
response 1
1- the neighborhood i live in doesn’t seem to have much trouble or problems from the list of questions. my husband and i have lived in this neighborhood for about a year, but this is the neighborhood he grew up in and most of his family lives there as well. i rarely hear them say anything about things on this list. my neighborhood isn’t one that you hear much about on the news, unless it’s something that is somewhat unavoidable, e.g. fire, etc. i’m sure all of these things happen occasionally, but not to the extent that people are going to worry too much. take domestic violence or drug dealing for example, i’m sure those things happen some, but i never hear about them. i think those are two things that nowadays it’s hard to find a neighborhood that doesn’t have one or both of those things going on behind closed doors. when i go out for walks with my family loitering, abandoned building, litter, graffiti, etc. aren’t things i notice ever. the barking dogs can be a bit much sometimes. my neighbors have probably 7 or 8 dogs and they bark a lot, but i’ve gotten used to it, as have many of my other neighbors, because i’ve never seen the cops approach that house for any reason. same goes for landlords or tenants not maintaining their property, there are some houses that look better than others, i don’t have a problem with any of the houses directly surrounding me. i’m sure that some people that have really nice yards and neighbors that have so-so yards might get annoyed, but in this neighborhood i still have a hard time seeing that.      overall the condition of my neighborhood is good. there are a lot of old houses and people that have lived there for a long time. it’s a very homey neighborhood. i think the feel and condition of the neighborhood reflects the crime in the neighborhood well. it doesn’t look like a perfect neighborhood, but it’s not at all run down either. like many neighborhoods it has its flaws (most of which are not readily visible), but overall it’s very safe.   

response 2- though written 20 years ago, i fell the article has got a strong relevance in the modern society. basically, terrorism has become an international problem and has affected most business in the recent years. notably, terrorism has lead to reduction in avenues as people fear to shop in large malls due to fear of being attacked. equally, businesses have been reluctant in opening new branches in some regions prone to terrorism. consequently, this has impacted negatively economic performance in the most economies including the us by reducing employment opportunities, and employing of huge economic resources in fighting terrorism, resources that could be used for development activities. therefore, it is justifiable that the article has insights that remain relevant to date.

response 3- just last week the east coast faced a lot of rain and winds from hurricane joaquin. here in philadelphia, we recieved the rain and the cold front. however, south carolina recieved floods. they were not prepared for the water and many of their dams failed. i believe their state government acted as best as they could, considering they were not prepared. i believe they acted as fast as they could and notified the residents within a timely manner of the need to evacuate. obama signed a disaster declaration on saturday dated back to thursday. i would have liked to see him sign it friday evening, but i guess you can't declare it a disaster until you can determine the actual loss..
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