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one of the most violated laws in the history of the u.s. was prohibition (amendment 18 to the u.s. constitution), a policy in place from 1920-1933. in order to amend the u.s. constitution, a great deal of time, energy, and financial resources have to be expended. think about that: a group of people who were convinced that society would be better off if no one could gain access to alcohol were able to work the system such that the constitution was amended!
can you see how some conflict theorists might argue that the more powerful in society are able to set the rules under which all members of society must live by? also, can you see how a seemingly positive move on the part of u.s. society (e.g. an effort to rid communities of the problems associated with alcohol consumption) actually produced a negative backwash and resulted in a different set of problems?

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crim j 304 check the attachment about bounty hunters there is 2 question and just one article just read them and write a review
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2- write a review private and public security ( 2-3 paragraph) same article just different question

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