criminal justice

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all the question should be around 4-5 sentences except the part 2 about the review book
q1-think about a time in your life when you might have engaged in somewhat inappropriate behavior. or, think about a time when you might have been at a crossroads in your life, where turning to the right would lead to one set of circumstances, and turning to the left would lead to another different set of circumstances. of course, you could also back up, or continue straight ahead! but whatever decision you made about which direction to take resulted in a set of circumstances that might have been different had you chosen a different direction.
now think for a moment about the amount of time and effort you spent in thinking before you acted. without disclosing any personal/private information, what were your thoughts just prior to engaging in the behavior of your choice? did you carefully weigh your options and/or think about what might result from your behavior/choice?

choose one of the following articles via electronic reserves readings: and write anreview about this reading 2-3 paragpraph

q-1 do you agree with the use of private firms as described in the video? the link for question 1
q-2 to familiarize yourself with the requirements in your jurisdiction, do the following:

1find out if there exists any laws that speak to security guards in your state;
2discuss the particular approach being used by your state;
3if there is currently no laws, discuss whether there has been any legislative debate on the topic; if so, summarize that debate; and
4 based on what you’ve learned thus far, critique your state’s policy on security guards.

homeland security

q-1 what were the early historical indicators that terrorism might be a priority issue that the united states would have to deal with?
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