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okay so look u need to choose one of the question(response) from each part only 1 question and you need to write short sentences around 3-4 sentences if you agree with this sentences why do u agree , and need to write explanation

part 1
1-this video was very interesting. it amazes how twins had similar traits even being apart. what really surprised me was the pair of twins that married a woman with the same name, divorced and got into a relationship with another woman with the same name, and named their child similar names. that is simply amazing. i do believe the environment that one grows up in can determine their intelligence more than being born with them. not to say that isn't the case either. there are some people i went to school with from elementary all the way up to college. as a child they were in gifted classes and in high school taking ap courses. in college due to unfortunate circumstances there was a decline in their grades, you would of thought there were two different students.

2this was a very interesting video to watch, i never knew before watching it that there were actually studies like this done. i find it fascinating that twins raised in seperate environments, though the same genetics, are so similiar yet so different. i don't find it a coinicidence that the two older male twins dressed the same or drank the same beer, that to me has to do with genetics. what is strange is that even though they have the same genetic make-up they were oddly different weights, one was overweight while the other was pretty skinny, which has to do with the environment. i'm astonished that intelligence and other traits are affected less by environment than hereditary. my thinking was that if one twin was raised in a malnourished or high crimed area, that twin would be more likely to commit a crime, and have a lower intelligence rate. then if the other twin had loving parents and came from a wealthy town and upbrining, not only would the twin be less likely to commit a crime, but also have a higher intelligence rate. i feel like people who are wealthier than others have access to a better education, and have more opportunitites to become a better person than those living in poverty stricken areas.  a complaint i have about this video is that the only twins being studied are those coming from white middle-classed families. i think it would arouse more curiosity if the study had been done on people maybe from africa, china or really anywhere other than america. many countries have customs and different crimes that differ from our own. it would have been very interesting to see how other twins in different countries were brought up, and how different they would become.

part 2
1-do you believe that the federal government responded correctly both policy-wise and organizationally to address and respond to the attacks of 9/11?i think given the nature of this attack and considering how ill-prepared we were for a disaster of this caliber, i believe the federal government responded to the best of their ability.  obviously, organizationally things could've been handled much better. however, due to the timeline of events and everything occurring so quickly, it explains the lack of organization on the government's part. i believe the right steps were taken post 9/11 by passing the patriot act and establishing the department of homeland security.  i think both of these actions especially with how quickly both were implemented showed the impact 9/11 had on our country and the government's need to respond quickly and appropriately

2-i have always stood up and defended homeland security. no one could have ever imagined these attacks so i can't really blame them for being unprepared, but they fixed that as soon as this happened. they developed many acts and departments to try and keep our country safe. they amped up airport security and even though they have taken some privacy away from us i feel as if it's for the better. i personally have nothing to hide so i don't really care whether or not they're looking at my web searches or listening to my phone calls. as i said in the last lesson homeland security is still so new and it's improving. 9/11 really stepped up our secuirty policies and since then i feel safer and unlike most am supportive of the homeland security department.
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