criminal justice

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please follow all the steps write everything carefully where its says criminology 012please write 1 and a half page please don't copy or plagiarism the work also please put a good examples also make sure everything by your own words and everything is correct
also please answers the response in the attachments and please check all the attachments

crim j 304- q1
based on the video and articles presented on consumer racial profiling, how would you address this problem?(please see the attachment)

chapter 7 q2
though written twenty years ago, state whether you believe the article has any insights that remain relevant today.?(please see attachments)

criminology 012 question 1
q1- emile durkheim believed that even in a society of saints, sooner or later someone will break the rules. human beings are imperfect creatures and do not always follow the "laws" or "rules." thus, for durkheim, crime is normal and should be expected. he also argued that crime is useful as it serves society in the same manner as does a fever in the human body: to alert us that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
think about these two ideas about crime for a moment then post your thoughts

question 2
q2-merton's strain theory was inspired by durkheim's anomie theory. one way that merton expanded upon durkheim's work was to propose that individual's can respond to anomie in various ways. please name, and in your own words, explain the 5 ways in which merton argues individual’s in society can adapt to strain.
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