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q1 social learning theories argue that criminal behavior is learned just like any other type of behavior. through a process of interaction with others, young people get one of two messages: it is okay to engage in law breaking behavior or it is not okay to engage in law-breaking behavior. in order to learn criminal behavior, an individual must first imitate the actions/behaviors of another, especially someone who is close to them. it is important to note that no one is born with the knowledge of how to pick a lock, someone needs to show them how to do it (i.e. show them the mechanisms involved). whether or not the behavior is sucessful (i.e., positively reinforced) will dictate whether or not a person will continue to engage in that behavior.
with so many advancements made in technology over the years, many of us are living in a "cyber world". our friendships are expanding online through social networks (facebook, myspace, etc.), you can now get an education online smiley, and the internet (unfortunately) is full of websites that "teach" people how to commit a variety of crimes. how do you think social learning theory could be applied to the "cyber world"?

social learning theory draws the most convincing support from research on correctional rehabilitation. specifically, andrews and bonta (1998) have identified four major risk factors that influence the likelihood of reoffending. known as the “big four”, these risk factors include:
1) antisocial attitudes
2) antisocial peers
3) history of antisocial behavior
4) antisocial personality
of these four risk factors, antisocial attitudes and antisocial peers have a direct association with social learning theory. knowing this, think of some potential ways that we could intervene/prevent people from reoffending from a social learning framework. you do not have to limit yourself to reoffending only, you may also think in general terms. that is, if social learning theory is true, what might the policy implications of the theory be? or put another way, if social learning theory is true, what can we do to reduce delinquency/crime? use your critical thinking skills to help you answer this question.
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q1 - post your thoughts regarding whether you think it’s fair for hawaii’s public school teachers to be subjected to drug testing.
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