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while differential association/social learning/strain theories are interested in asking the question "why do people commit crime?", control theories are actually interested in asking the question "why don't people commit crime?" according to control theorists, more of us would engage in deviant or criminal behavior if only we could! the reason most of us do not engage in such behavior (drinking and driving, body parts tattooed or pierced, use illicit drugs, cheat on our taxes, etc.) is because we have too much to lose due our to attachments with family and friends, our work, etc. also, we have been socialized from a young age to believe that such behaviors are immoral, unethical, or downright wrong. the extent to which we have been socialized in that manner, according to hirschi, will determine whether or not someone will engage in criminal behavior.
consider hirschi's argument. do you agree/disagree?

question 2
the grasmick scale is by far the most popular measure of self-control used in criminological research. individuals who score high on this scale (closer to 72) are said to have low levels of self-control while those who score low (closer to 0) are said to have high levels of self-control. how much self-control do you think you have? give it some thought and then fill out grasmick's self-control scale.
once you have your score (you do not have to reveal it!),
_movie question
after watching the movie "the net" discuss of how it relates to this lesson. for this movie, you should also consider how things have changed or remained the same regarding the issues covered in the movie. please also post any general thoughts you have about this movie on this discussion forum.
response about movie
1) i think the movie the net" was a great example of this lesson, it portrayed how vulnerable a persons' personal information truly is in the computer age. the movie itself was ahead of its time, but very accurate as to the devastation that can occur by corruption of medical or any other offical records.  the fact that angela bennett went on vacation, only to find her identity gone before she could even return home - compounded by the loss of her vehicle, her house, her job and the loss of her friends showed how quickly a life can be changed when personal information is altered. even the tracking of cell phones and ip addresses were, for the most part, accurately shown.  i would say that as for how things have changed.. i think that the risk of someone else accessing your information or corrupting the information is even greater now than the possibility of that situation occurring in the 1990's the hacking of the airport, banks and stock exchange are closely mirrored by the businesses that have been hacked in real life in just the past year.
criminology response
2) i agree with hirschi’s argument. i do believe that your social connections have a lot to do with your actions criminal or non-criminal. however, i don’t see the connections between tattoos and piercing, i think that example is just silly, those things don’t make you criminal. your parents and how they raise you is a huge factor in your criminal behavior. if you have been raised with a good set of values and you care what your parents and others think then you will be less likely to commit crime. if you have high hopes for your future you will be less likely to commit crime. one example i think of right off, not that my job is what i plan to do as a career, but it’s a good job and i’d like to keep it until i’m finished with school, i wear a uniform that identifies me as a state employee, so if we stop at the store, restaurant, etc. on the way home we have to watch our actions. if something upsets us that we would normally say something about, we pretty much have to refrain. this is because we value our jobs and don’t want to jeopardize that. i think a big factor as well is that people just don’t want to get into trouble. people refrain from doing bad things because of the fear of punishment. if laws were thrown out the window, yes i’m sure there would be quite a bit more crime, but most people i think would keep the same values and not act much differently. the only thing i can think of right off that i would start doing is speeding more while i drive in certain areas. once behaviors are instilled in a person, i think those are difficult to get rid of
3)i was raised by strict parents. always had rules to follow, curfew, bedtime and even chores. my parents were hard on me for my own good, so i didnt get into trouble. i was more afraid of what my parents would od if i did something criminal than the punishments from the law. if they werent there to put me in the right path, who knows what could have become of me. although without that, i do not think i woul dhave been engaging in crimina
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