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question 1
read pearson and jurich's report "aypf releases a new study on youth court". think of the youth court (sometimes called teen court) as a mechanism through which to allow young people to use "a reset button," allowing them to "erase every mistake they have made and allow them to start over brand new" (see page 5 of the report).
this is exactly what many labeling theorists say we should do with young people who get into trouble. why? because most of them never get into trouble again and we need to avoid labeling them as "bad kids" and risk making things worse for them in the future.
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crimj012 question2
in the film, "hard time: teens in maximum security prisons," a profile is given of several youth who have committed serious criminal acts to warrant a rather strict punishment by the justice system.
while reviewing the film, think about the major premise of labeling theories. for example, consider the basic premise that "sometimes what we do to young people who get into trouble makes them worse off than had we merely left them alone." what meaning might this statement have in light of what you see in the video? also, you might consider, and given perhaps limited information, both formal (by the system itself) and informal (by parents, etc.) labeling of these young people that might actually be making things worse, e.g. the self-fulfilling prophecy. finally, consider other alternatives for these youth. remember, labeling theorists often call for strategic "nonintervention" or at the very least diversion from the more formal systems of social control when young people are involved. please use the link this one for this question

homeland security
question 1
_what are your suggestions to improve private sector participation and coordination with dhs in cybersecurity policy and projects?

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