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1.what are the key benefits of community policing? do you think they're effective? explain.

2.explain compstat and explain how it helps to lower crime rates.
what are some local police duties? give examples for each.

3. identify at least three (3) factors that have stimulated the phenomenal growth of private security.

4. what are some local police duties? give examples for each.

5. what are some successes and problems with private security in the war on terrorism?
6. an off-duty police officer was sitting inside of a crowded train when a man entered, drew a knife, and robbed a female passenger. the man then fled once the train stopped and the train doors opened. the officer made no attempt to prevent the robbery or apprehend the perpetrator.the officer later justified his conduct by stating that an officer, when off duty, is a private citizen with the same duties and rights as all private you agree with the officers conduct and his justification? if this was an off-duty correction officer that conducted themselves in the same manner, would you agree with their conduct?before answering this question, you should know a police officers duties, responsibilities, and when they are required to take action. note: there is a difference between the responsibilities of a police officer, a peace officer, and a security officer. also, police officers are required to carry their firearm off-duty with several exceptions. you should think about this requirement before answering the question.this discussion requires critical thinking. you may have to do some research before answering this question.
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briefly identify and explain each of the following in 2-3 sentences

1. ordered government
2. representative government
3. enumerated government
4. reserved powers
5. writ of habeas corpus
6. eminent domain
7.bill of attainder
8. checks and balances
9. creative federalism
10. special - revenue sharing

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