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this is and short assingment around 4-6 sentences work except
question 1 part 2 part 2 should be good enought
1) studies that examine the influence of genetics on behaviors often use one of three methods: family studies, adoption studies, and twin studies. the results from hundreds of studies have shown that both genetics and the environment are important factors on behaviors - particularly antisocial behaviors. this controversial finding, that genetics plays a role in influencing a variety of behaviors, is not a new topic - take a look at this nbc news special on the minnesota twin research project that first aired in 1987.this link should be used for this question above ^^^^^

part 2
using all of the course materials associated with lesson 2 and lesson 3, construct a table that shows the differences between classical and positivist criminology. you are free to be creative with this just as long as you are able to demonstrate the key differences between these two paradigms. you might have two columns, listing classical criminology on the left and positivist criminology on the right. under each heading, list the major issues that are often associated with each school of thought. this will make a useful study guide for the first exam so make sure you refer to it often.


1- watch the movie paul blart: mall cop. as you watch the movie, please note the depiction of private security professionals. pay particular attention to the number of times there are instances in which private security is perceived as incompetent. given what you’ve learned from the lesson, think about what stereotypes are clearly off base.
this is the movie for this question a need like 5-6 sentnces good enought

homeland security
do you believe that the federal government responded correctly both policy-wise and organizationally to address and respond to the attacks of 9/11?
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