criminal justice law

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all the question should not be more than 3 sentences

question 1-
stop for a moment and think about a crime occurring right now. it can be any type of crime and the characteristics associated with that crime are totally up to you. quickly now ... without spending a lot of time thinking about this, jot down your "off the top of the head" response to the following questions:
what type of crime is occurring in your scenario?
what is the race, age, and gender of the offender?
what is the race, age, and gender of the victim?
now, thinking about the offender only:
what do you think might have caused that person to commit that crime?
what do you think should be done to that offender when it comes to an appropriate punishment?

2- the way the film industry has depicted juvenile delinquency has changed quite a bit from the 1950s to today. take a look at these movie trailers from the 1950s (rebel without a cause), 1960s (west side story), 1970s (clockwork orange), 1980s (the outsiders), 1990s (boyz n the hood), 2000s (bully), and 2010s (twelve). do you see any similarities/differences in the way juvenile delinquents are portrayed in film over time? do you think the causes of juvenile delinquency are the same/different from the 1950s to today? (please note that some of the language and images may be offensive and disturbing to some viewers. if you are not comfortable, you do not have to view these movie trailers. participation in the discussion forum, however, remains required).
question 3

post your thoughts to the following questions:
what measure do you take on a daily basis to ensure your own personal security?
what security measures are being used in your neighborhood to ensure collective security?
looking at your responses to questions 1 & 2, provide linkages to the security measures first used in ancient times.

question 4
do you believe the u.s. constitution provides a clear enough definition of the roles for federal, state, and local governments in the areas of homeland security and emergency management? why or why not?
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