criminal justice law

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please provide a good explantion with a good points and with good examples make sure no copy paste work
the only referecnes that should be post is from the article as well where ill put the attachments files ou should give an short response about if u agree with my classmates or disafre why? or why not?

crim j 012
many economists and criminologists have argued for an increase in the nation's minimum wage to help those who are disadvantged get a leg-up in society while others have argued against it. read some of the pros and cons outlined in the posting "raising the minimum wage: pros and cons" which side of the debate do you most agree with? why please review answers from the link above
many criminological scholars argue that economic conditions and crime rates are highly intertwined in that as economic conditions decline, crime rates increase. however, in the past few years the united states has experienced an economic crisis and yet the number of crimes in many areas of the country have actually dropped. please read this new york times article "steady decline in major crime baffles experts" for more information about this issue.

crim j 304
q1-post your thoughts regarding the magnitude of the measures security providers should be able to take to deter or identify terrorists.
q2-take a trip to a local convenience store. when you get there, make note of how many of the security features noted in the lesson are in place. in addition, make note of what improvements could be made to the security at the store.

homeland security

q1 after reviewing your reading task, consider the region where you reside and identify a cikr asset that exists within that region. briefly describe the cikr asset, then identify and describe any potential vulnerabilities.
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