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as we discussed last week, biosocial research has shown that approximately half of the variance in antisocial behaviors is due to genetic factors with the remaining half being due to the environment. what that means is that both nature and nurture are important in the development of antisocial/criminal behaviors. recent research has also shown that there are differences in brain structure and function in antisocial/psychopathic individuals compared to healthy control groups.

please watch these two youtube videos: 1) a presentation by dr. adrian raine, a psychologist at the university of pennsylvania, about the "the criminal brain." and 2) an abc news special about “psychopaths” also featuring dr. raine (please note that some language and graphics in the abc news special may be disturbing to some viewers. if you are not comfortable, you do not have to watch this abc video. participation in the discussion forum, however, remains required).




pick one homeland security presidential directive or presidential policy directive. read it and summarize it for the rest of the class. then briefly discuss one possible implementation implication of the directive and pose a question to your classmates related to potential implications of the directive.


fact 1:

a security officer saw a female customer acting suspiciously and holding tightly to a purse. the officer grabbed hold of her arm. the customer continued to scream and the officer reacted by covering her mouth. he dragged her by the arm across the store to a big safe located near the stairway to the basement offices. according to one witness, the officer was slapping her and knocking her into several counters as he dragged her along toward the basement steps. until this time neither of the officers had identified themselves. they were not in any type of uniform. the officers had detained the wrong person.

question: would the security company and its employees be liable for the false imprisonment?rim 304

facts 2:

after making purchases in a drug store, mrs. arnold attempted to leave the premises. the store had posted notice of its utilization of an anti-shoplifting device. as she approached the anti-shoplifting device, the alarm sounded. mrs. arnold claimed she had mistakenly put a pen in her pocket and had then forgotten to pay for it. the store manager had observed appellant’s behavior after the anti-shoplifting, notwithstanding her after-the-fact explanation that she had simply forgotten about the pen. after a jury acquitted mrs. arnold of shoplifting, she brought a civil action for malicious prosecution.

question: does probable cause negate a claim for malicious prosecution?

facts 3:

on october 21, 1994, mr. john frederick and his wife opal were visiting washington d. c., and they checked into the econolodge on new york avenue for the night. in the very early morning hours of october 22, 1994, mr. frederick passed through the lobby on his way out to the garage. he spoke with the security guard on duty, mr. henry gilmore, who was sitting in the lobby. mr. frederick then proceeded outside to the garage. when he got to his car, there was a light shining from underneath the car, and when he bent down to look under the car he was struck in the face and robbed. mr. frederick suffered massive facial trauma from the attack and recently has passed away.

plaintiffs have provided evidence that two elderly patrons of the econolodge were attacked in the econolodge garage approximately six month before mr. frederick was attacked. the plaintiffs contend that the econolodge is located in a high crime area and that a number of other attacks had taken place in the vicinity in the months prior to the attack on mr. federick. finally, it is established that the guards worked long shifts at the hotel; on the morning mr. federick was attacked. mr. gilmore was nearing the end of a 14-hour shift.

question: was the hotel negligent?
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