criminal justice quiz

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answer choices or true or false.

20. most individual crime-fighter portraits come not from traditional news but from either

pure entertainment content or infotainment products.

21. reality police shows accurately represent police work.

22. in police reality shows, violent crime is overrepresented, as well as the proportion of

crime that is solved by the police.

23. in addition to influencing juror, attorney, and judge expectations, the csi effect also

influences the actions of offenders.

24. public dissatisfaction of police results when the real police do not act like their media


25. although guns are present in contemporary media, most crime fighting shows do not

depict them as problem-solvers or necessary crime-fighting tools.

26. which of the following have the courts recently defined?

a. what is or is not insane behavior

b. proper or improper child care

c. intrusive or acceptable government law enforcement policies

d. all of the above

27. which of the following is not an emphasis of media judicial portraits?

a. rare events

b. common charges

c. unlikely interactions

d. improbable evidence

28. which of the following is not true of female attorney portrayals in the media?

a. like police women, female attorneys in the media are often defeminized

b. police women have had a longer tradition in the media than female attorneys

c. the real world experiences of female attorneys are more likely to be portrayed

than the real world experiences of police women

d. female attorneys are often portrayed as young, white, single, and childless

29. which of the following is not true of media trials?

a. media trials have been present in society for less than 50 years

b. media trials are massively and intensively covered

c. coverage of media trials is live whenever possible

d. when it comes to media trials, pictures are preferred over text

30. in their coverage of trials, the media offer direct and individualist explanations of crime,

which does not include _______________.

a. feelings of lust

b. insane diagnoses

c. social obstacles to conformity

d. immoral behavior

31. which of the following entertainment media narratives, all of which are common in

media trial representations, typically involve bizarre or sexually related crime?

a. abuse of power

b. the sinful rich

c. evil strangers

d. none of the above

32. the entertainment media narrative of “evil strangers” includes the following


a. non-americans and the sinful rich

b. the sinful rich and psychotic killers

c. psychotic killers and non-americans

d. all of the above

33. which of the following is a major concern regarding the effects of televising trials?

a. the courts don’t want the public to have access to the courtroom and trial

b. defendants’ rights to privacy will be infringed upon

c. attorneys, judges, and other participants may alter their courtroom behaviors in

d. all of the above

34. in 1981 the supreme court rejected previously held assumptions about television during

the chandler v. florida case. the court felt that television could benefit the judicial

system by showing all of the following except __________.

a. plea bargaining

b. conviction of the guilty

c. imposition of fair sentences

d. fair procedure
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