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kings borough community college
i just need to write like a security thats u was there and investigate the college campus like what is wrong and etc
please follow all the links before u start doing this task and check all the attachments
this task is very important for me u need to write not less that 2 pages by the end of this sunday
follow all the steps becasue before ill pay you i will check everytthing

security survey of kingsborough community college
short details about the college campus
there is entrance in college one is main entrance and one is back entrance
in both entrances there is security post they check all students id cards to make sure they are student and also they check all the cars because only permitted cars allowed to enter the facility
they have around 10-12 campus police
and they have 3 police campus cars
they have 2 school bus who transport students from campus to the closest subway station
every building have 24/7 security video surveillance
this campus have around 15-20 building
they have 2 parking lot with is not under video surveillance
to get more details please follow this link below
please reviews all the link that i attached for you they are very important so u have more details about the college campus and what do you writing

complete a security survey/risk assessment of a business establishment or a social institution such as a school, hospital, community center, or other, but first secure permission from the establishment to conduct the survey. the security survey example presented in chapter 3 can be used as a guideline. key characteristics to consider in all surveys include:

follow this steps carefully
securing permission to conduct the security survey on an approved site;
nature and extent of crime where the business or institution is located;
exterior vulnerabilities;
interior vulnerabilities;
procedural concerns; and
recommended improvements for the facility.

while there is no specified page requirement for the survey, i expect a detailed -- yet concise -- analysis of the facility. chapter 3 outlines the various aspects of a security survey. and while i don't expect you to obtain all of the information discussed in the chapter, you should secure enough information for a cursory risk assessment and make logical recommendations for improvements. as a reminder, this task is worth 250 points.
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