critical analysis of journal topic

Project Description:

compose a critical analysis of a journal article regarding a leadership topic. find a topic that is related to the middle east.
essay must include the following:

-title page
-introductory paragraph (a brief paragraph that simply introduces the topic)
-body (a series of cohesive paragraphs that include in-text citations and further discuss the topic (this is where your critical analysis comes in with -support by the in-text citations)
-concluding paragraph (a brief paragraph that summarizes the information, refers back to the introductory paragraph, or offers a future outcome of the information presented in the essay body)
-reference page(s) formatted according to apa standards

your essay must be three to five pages long, not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.
you must include a minimum of three credible sources.

please make sure of 100% plagiarism free
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