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your task is to write a one to two page paper.

you will be asked to read some information in the textbook. you will then have a series of questions that follow the reading. you will be required to answer the questions; however, you will answer the questions in paper format. this means that instead of just writing the question number and a brief answer you will write a paragraph and then connect the paragraphs together to make one flowing paper. you will need to use proper apa style and format. you will reflect on the material you read and the scenario you just read to formulate your answers. one of the best ways to learn to think critically is to practice writing. that is why following proper format and style is important to these tasks.

for this week please read the critical thinking issue entitled perspectives on "perspectives on same-sex marriage" beginning on page 198 and concluding on page 201. please answer the think and discuss questions. these four questions can be found on page 201. don’t forget to list your references and cite your sources.
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