csr for nokia

Project Description:

report 2-3 pages
company : nokia
•write a paper about a business in the uae involving the policies of the company on corporate social responsibility.
•include in your paper a summary of your findings and a reflection on the policies used by your company concerning csr as well as whether you agree with them or would change them if you were in a position to do so.
•the reflection should include:
• a description of what the business does
• the business’s policy on csr, if any
• what the company does to carry out their policy
• whether you agree with their policies concerning csr and why, and
• what you personally learned about this area of business and their practices

introduction, definition of csr, and description of the industry in which the company is doing business.


•the company’s csr policy, if any, and a description of how the company carries out its csr policies.

•agrees or disagrees with the company’s csr policies, defending argument.

•then, reflection
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