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a “cultural norm” is an expectation or cue within a culture that occurs during an activity such as eating habits, life/death activities, business transactions, holidays, etc.

a cultural “faux pas” occurs when an individual breaks or does not meet that expectation or cue, leading to embarrassing or tactless impressions.

research a culture from south america, europe, africa, or asia and find its cultural norms and faux pas in daily life and business. then, create a dialogue in which you are customer from that culture doing business in america. several faux pas are committed by you within american culture. in addition, the business representative commits several faux pas within your culture.

first, write 2 or 3 sentences to set the stage. where are we? what business transaction is taking place? is it busy? is it slow? is it quiet?

then, create your 1 page dialogue. you (the customer) and the business representative must commit 2 faux pas each. do not directly point these faux pas out in your dialogue, but you or the business representative may act accordingly (offended, angry, upset, etc).

on a separate page, point out each faux pas. describe how or why it is offensive in the specific culture, and if possible, why it may be normal in the other culture.
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