d-2 masco corporaation

Project Description:

a) research masco's finances and research and discuss:

1) short term solvency/liquidity: current ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio.
2) long-term solvency/leverage: total debt to total assets, debt to equity, times interest earned asset utilization (turnover ratios): inventory turn-over, day's sales in inventory, receivables turnover, day's in receivables, total asset turnover (sales/total assets)
3) profitable ratio's: profit margin, return on assets, return on equity.
4) market value ratio's: price-earnings, market to book.

use the following research to discuss these ratio's

1) most recent fiscal year.
2) prior year.
3) ratio changes.
4) industry average.
5) comments of this ratio.

ratio formulas:
1) current: current assets/current liabilities.
2) quick: (current assets - inventory)/current liabilities.
3) cash: cash/ current liabilities.
4) total debt to equity: total debt/total equity.
5) times interest earned: ebit/interest.
6) inventory turn-over: cogs/inventory.
7) day's sales in inventory: 365/inventory turnover.
8) receivables turnover: sales/total assets.
9) day's in sales receivables: 365/ receivables turnover.
10) total asset turnover: sales/total assets.
11) profit margin: net income/sales.
12) return on assets: net income/total assets.
13) return on equity: net income/total equity.
14) price-earnings (p/e): price per share/earnings per share.
15) market-to-book: market value per share/book value per share.

b) conduct a swot analysis identifying leverages and problems.

c) identify a central problem and a resolution.
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