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read the following case study, which describes the data requirements for a book rental company. prepare a requirement specification following the dream home case example presented in chapter 11 of the textbook. make sure you also include summary using a table like the one presented in chapter 11 for dream home case. you may also make additional assumptions; make sure you document your assumptions.

the book rental company has several branches throughout the usa. the data held on each branch is the branch address made up of street, city, state, and zip code, and the telephone number. each branch is given a branch number, which is unique throughout the company. each branch is allocated staff, which includes a manager. the manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of a given branch. the data held on a member of staff is his or her name, position, and salary. each member of staff is given a staff number, which is unique throughout the company. each branch has a stock of books. the data held on a book is the book number (isbn), copy number, title, category, daily rental, cost, status, and the names of the main authors, and the publisher. the catalog number uniquely identifies each book. however, in most cases, there are several copies of each book at a branch, and the individual copies are identified using the book number and copy numbers. a book is given a category such as social science, natural science, ficition, or engineering. the status indicates whether a specific copy of a book is available for rent. before renting a book from the company, a customer must first register as a member of a local branch. the data held on a member is the first and last name, address, and the date that the member registered at a branch. each member is given a member number, which is unique throughout all branches of the company. once registered, a member is free to rent books, up to maximum of ten at any one time. the data held on each book rented is the rental number, the full name and number of the member, the book number, copy number, title, and daily rental rate, and the dates the book is rented out and date returned. the rental number is unique throughout the company.
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