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please answer the first 5 questions on page 379 in textbook (data basedesign, application development and administration 6th edition). this task might be a little tricky, i have not created the tables as illustrated in the book in the common schema for you. this means you will be writing your queries blind. if you would like to, you could create those tables in your database schema and enter in some dummy data so you can test your queries. it is not required that you do that, so do not feel that you have to, but it would be a great experience if you did.

here are the questions (you will need your book to review the erd these questions are based off of)

1.define a view containing products from supplier number s3399214. include all product columns in the view.
2.define a view containing the details of orders placed in january 2013. include all ordertbl columns, ordline. qty , and the product name in the view.
3. define a view containing the product number, name, price, and quantity on hand along with the number of orders in which the product appears.
4.using the view defined in problem 1, write a query to list the products with a price greater than $300. include all view columns in the result.
5. using the view defined in problem 2, write a query to list the rows containing the words “ink jet” in the product name. include all view columns in the result.

i would want two different documents with different answers for the above questions.
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