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i am looking for a personal assistant to work starting at 5 hours a week on high-level project work. this role suits the best for students, or freelancers who are looking for part time job. i am looking for someone i can work with for the long term. after all, training you is a considerable investment, hence i'd like to know i'm making it on the right candidate. i run a professional services company. starting off, you will be doing high level project work that i've been doing but no longer want to tackle myself. later on, if you work with me long enough, you will also have the chance to learn other business models and systems. you will learn a great deal about entrepreneurship, running a business, online marketing, sales and more. duties will include: - regular liaison with myself over skype and email - scheduling meetings - sending (and even respond to) emails on my behalf - data entry - pattern recognition from the data entry - hiring and managing other contractors. if you do not have excellent written and spoken english, and are not comfortable making phone calls (over skype or similar) then please don't waste your time applying for this position. you will primarily be talking to me over skype, as it's more effective for me to clarify my instructions and intent, and to collect feedback that you understood my instructions. to apply for this position, please start your application with the words "entire description read", and provide a description of my requirements in your own words. if you have any questions please include them in your application and i will answer them. thanks
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Price Type: Hourly

Project Budget: $15 to $25 /hr

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Not Sure

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5 per week

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