data envelopment analysis

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data envelopment analysis project:
in this question, you, as a manager, is interested in determining how efficiently units (dmus) within your organization operate. to perform this analysis, you decided to employ data envelopment analysis (dea). “dea determines how efficiently an operating unit converts inputs to outputs when compared with other units.” before you perform the empirical analysis, please provide the description of your dea project. it has to be real world setting which you are very familiar (i.e., in the fields of public administration). do not use the textbook example. please start with the narrative of the contexts (i.e., the organization, dmus, output variables, and input variables). the project needs to be as realistic as possible even if your project is a hypothetical project. provide the full description of each output and input variables. select inputs and outputs that are broadly considered to be of strategic importance to the units being evaluated. also, the number of dmus is recommended to be two or three times of the total number of inputs and outputs.
the score of these variables should vary across dums. if you enter the same score, excel may not be able to find a solution.
employ three to four variables for ourputs and inputs. so total is six to eight. use dmus (cases) three times the total of outputs and inputs variables.
then, as you did before, define the decision variables, the objective (i.e., the sum of weighted outputs for a particular dum), and the constraints. implement your dea analysis using either excel solver or risk solver platform. construct the table includes dea efficiency and the composite weights (shadow price column in sensitivity analysis sheet) generated from each solver analysis. provide your interpretation of the result using the table. submit your excel file. please make sure to save all sensitivity report sheets and label with the corresponding dmu.
the dum with its efficiency score of 1 will generate the show price column with all zero. non-zero composite weights (shadow price in sensitivity analysis table) will be generated if dum efficiency score is less than 1. the estimated composite weights of inefficient dum are used to answer the following question: which dums would you recommend the particular dum consider emulating to improve the efficiency of its operation?
excel file with your dmu model
approximately five page report documents
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