data produced by a business application you have used

Project Description:

in this task you will discuss the data produced by a business application you have used.


think about and choose one of the business applications you currently use or have used in the past. do not use email, but rather an application such as those used to enter sales information, look up product information, file expenses, or record information.
in the forum, in at least three paragraphs, address the following:
identify the name of the application you used (if known), and describe the business function the application performs.
detail the data fields that are involved in using the application, both the data you input and the data fields displayed; for example, sales amounts, expense amounts, locations of expenses, items sold, item unit numbers, seats available, personnel scheduled, customer names, room numbers, property addresses, etc. for examples of how to recognize the data being produced by the functions you perform in the application, refer to theme 2.
state the business value of the data identified.
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