data regulation or law summary

Project Description:

in this task you will write a short paper summarizing a data regulation or law.


choose one data regulation or law from those identified in theme 1. do not use pci dss or california's security breach information act (sb-1386).
research the chosen law or regulations to understand the content, intent, and results of noncompliance. also research companies, services, or software that support enterprises in conformance with the law or regulation.
using theme 2 to help structure your task, write a short paper (no more than five pages including a title page and references page, formatted to apa standards) addressing the following:
summarize the law or regulation, the body that creates and maintains it, if it is mandatory, and how it is enforced.
describe the body of enterprises the regulation or law addresses by describing the entities that are to comply, the people, companies, and industry it protects, and specific business functions it addresses.
discuss the companies, services, and software that support enterprises in compliance and those that assist companies in recovery from noncompliance.
conclude by illustrating the actual results to business, the public, or to consumers from a breach or breaches encountered in your research. if your research does not yield such information, hypothesize about what could happen in the event of a breach.
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