Project Description:

1. draw an er diagram for the following company database (make sure you show all the
cardinalities and participation):
1. we need to store the ssn, name, birth_date, address, salary and sex of each employee.
the company will need to know the employee’s first, middle and last names. the ssn
will be unique for each employee.
2. we need to store the name, number and location of each department. a department may
be located in more than one location. the department number and name will be unique
for each department.
3. we need to store information about projects controlled by departments. each project will
have a number, name and location. name and number will be unique for each project.
4. an employee may have one or more dependents, but a dependent must belong to only
one employee. a dependent cannot exist if the employee does not exist and can only
belong to one employee in the database even if both parents work for the same company.
for each dependent we will store the name, sex, birth date and relationship.
additional information:
all employees must work for a department. an employee has to work for one and only one
department. each department must have an employee working for it and can have more than one
employee working for it.
an employee may manage a department. a department must be managed by an employee. the
start_date of the manager is dependent on the employee as well as the department.
a department may control many projects. a project must be controlled by one department.
an employee must work on a project and can work on more than one project at a time. a project
must have at least one employee working for it and may have many employees working for it.
the number of hours that an employee works depends on the project.2. map the following er diagram from page 204 (figure 8.6) of the er book to a relational

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