database concepts

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the following entity-relationship diagram describes the business environment of video centers of europe, ltd., which is a chain of videotape and
dvd rental stores. write a verbal description of how vce conducts its business, based on this e-r diagram.

with regard to studying diagrams (of any type) it is essential for you to develop the technique of transforming a picture into words. that is, you must be able to explain in writing selective functions based on a given picture, pictorial, or diagram of an organization.

using a word processing program, complete chapter 2, "exercises," on page 39, exercise 2.

please provide a step-by-step progression toward the desired product.
q - limit your product to within one to three pages.
q - if you choose to use outside research, please cite your source.

for citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the apa style section of the syllabus.
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