database design, querying, and reporting

Project Description:

database design, querying, and reporting
what is the purpose?

the purpose of this lab is to create a database to provide specific information for managing customer information.

what are the steps?
•task 1: examine database information.
procedure "improving decision making: using database software to design a customer system for auto sales.
3.examine the table information in the database file.
•task 2: conduct an analysis of the case and create database reports.
1.analyze the situation using the questions outlined in the hands-on-mis.
2.create a simple solution using the database software.
did it work?
•in a 1–2 page word document, did you include a systems analysis report with answers to the questions posed in the "hands-on mis" on pages 408–409 in the textbook?
•did you include your database reports demonstrating your solution?
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