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hi , how are you ? i hope you are well, i hope you had a good vacation.
dear expert i would like to inform you that my professor who is taking care of my project about the nano-technology has gone to waterloo uni. in canada for a visiting and he is going to be away , so when he comes back in the next week we can proceed with the project. additionally , i have been assigned to work with my other professor in a project in co-operation with tokyo uni. in japan i have attached for you the proposal from my professor. he gave it to me to let me understand the project. so i would like to get myself involved in this project and also i want to involve the fuel cell as additional effort from me to see weather it is going to be useful in this project if possible bu7t i don't know how. so i am supposed to arrange discussion about the below project and discuss it with my professor and explain to him a little bit of my interset.
***this is what i am intersted in***
i would like to examine gas and/or oil operations and assess the techno-economic feasibility of integrating these systems with carbon dioxide capture and storage. i also would like if possible to involve the fuel cell in this project if possible. moreover, i want in this project is to set a mathematical programming model for the oil and gas supply chain problem to reduce and mitigate ghg emissions at the operation level. this model will give answers regarding optimal production planning while minimizing ghg emissions. it will also provide optimal mitigation and technology selection for ghg emissions reduction.
please have a look at the attachment. what i need from you is arrange something for me in powerpoint related to my intersted area as i mentioend above so i can present it beifly for my professor and explain to him what i am intersted to do. please note that i need it by maximum tuesday night so i can go thru it quickly and present it on wednesday morning.
waiting for your reply , best regards
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