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can i ask if it is possible for the manger of corner pantry food stores yolanda hill interview to be acknowledged in the report. she interviewed that internal control procedures are implemented through lower management as far as the operations of the overall company. she stated that one of the weaknesses was lack of monthly managers meeting, . cash controls implemented is unscheduled audits, adhering to the regular customers,weekly audits per shift and count downs of cash register by management. physical controls were merchandise audits, daily counts of specifics products such as cigarettes, beer, soft drinks and coffee supplies and food items. establishment responsibility is place with upper management and followed through with the chain of command. document procedures control is controlled through electronic handheld equipment which tracked invoices, returns, or any incoming or outgoing products to ensure proper sales. she stated that if the manager does what is require daily, the incentive's is monthly bonuses that consist of audits within the guidelines of the company, labor in line, cash it balancing inventory levels are keep to a minimal, and the cleanliness of the store.. if you can input that in your report i would most appreciated. it will give me extra credit
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