death in ancient greece history

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the way a culture recognizes death can be a real insight into how it works. how do the memorial rituals after patroclus' death in the iliad reflect greek ideals of glory, honor, and heroism? how did a greek man want to be remembered after he was gone, according to homer? several centuries later, pericles gave a funeral oration. does pericles (as described in thucydides) seem to be drawing upon the same ideas, or different ones, when he writes a funeral speech supposedly given some time later? does pericles' funeral oration recall any of the ideas or turns of phrase from the iliad? what about the gravestones--how do they compare to one another, and how do they compare to the written sources? what can we find out about how death and the ways of remembering the dead changed and remained the same over time in ancient greece from reading the iliad and thucydides' funeral oration and looking at the three gravestones? is there a unified story we can tell of how death and memorial rituals changed or stayed the same across different places and times in the ancient greek world--and if so, what is it?
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