decision making

Project Description:

in this discussion, you will start to expand on the concepts introduced in chapter 4 of your text. prepare a discussion post that responds to the following:

part 1
review "three approaches managers can use to make decisions" on page 88 of your text and answer the following questions:

do these approaches make sense to you? support your answer with your readings and independent research.
which of the three approaches did you use when you were required to make a business-related decision? describe the situation. what was the impact on the organization?
part 2
review "how can you improve group decision making" on page 97 of your text and answer the following:

describe a time when you were part of a team that was assigned to make a decision.

what were the circumstances?
how did the process work?
were you in agreement with the decision? what were the results or effects of the decision?
what would you have done differently?

250-300 words
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