defining your team research project

Project Description:

prior to diving in to your study, it is first necessary for you to finely hone your research focus.
the task:
write a “mini rationale” of your research paper. because the rationale is dependent on the resources that you consult and how you frame your arguments, this task is not guided by explicit guidelines for the number of paragraphs you should include—use your best judgment. but, do include the following:
1. section 1
• develop a preliminary rationale for studying the phenomena. this is where you will develop the conceptual definitions of the variables that you will examine, as well as provide justifications for the focus of your investigation. remember, you do not have to explicitly state “my conceptual definition is…,” but rather, it should be clear to the reader how you are defining your concepts. use primary or secondary sources (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) that are cited in the text as well as on the reference page. rely heavily on communication journals. you will further develop this literature review for your final project. include enough information to justify the conceptualization and selection of the variables that you will focus on.
• note: make sure that your rationale is reader-friendly. feel free to include a variety of headings and subheadings to organize your rationale. note: i am international student, i hope to use more common words and simple sentences.
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