delivering services in the 21st century

Project Description:

in this module, you will examine company/vendor relationships and how it has developed with them. prior to the advent of the internet, companies and their providers communicated largely through expensive and proprietary infrastructures. service delivery is transforming into agile, responsive processes at a rapid rate. companies now struggle to stay ahead of competition by leveraging these advances.

learning objectives

upon successful completion of this module, you will:

develop and articulate a business-oriented concept of what a service model does.
analyze and differentiate between the concepts of outsourcing and offshoring.
illustrate the pros and cons of firms changing business models based upon the successes of a technology hardware producer.
path to complete the module

for best results, you may wish to follow the course author's suggested path as outlined below.

complete the assigned readings.
read theme 1: service models.
read theme 2: outsourcing.
read theme 3: service partner relationships
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