design write up - develop a site business plan for your term project which includes a market overview, site overview, review on company, competitors, target audiences, site revenue model and financial

Project Description:

any business, be it cyber or traditional, has to be built on a foundation of necessity – there has to be a

need or desire in the market for a product or service that the business is offering. at the same time,

if there is a demand for a product or service, there probably are other companies already in existence,

competing with each other to service that demand. a business needs to find an opening in the market

where demand is not being met, and fill that demand. if that demand is being met, the new entry needs to

differ in some way. there is a danger of technology creating the belief that there is a need for a product

or service, even though no such need exists in reality.

a site business plan should contain the following information:

executive summary: overview of what the company and its associated web site will do and how

the company anticipates growth

market overview: a review of market conditions of the industry you are in, including market size

and the life cycle, new development or trends.

site overview: a description of the web site, including highlights of its contents and functions,

explanation of how it will serve the market, what it will do, why it is needed, and what

opportunities there may be for growth and future expansion

competitors: a review of the company’s competitors. what is the company’s relationship with its

competitors (leader, followers etc.)? do the competitors have web sites? how are the sites being

used to compliment their business? are these sites successful? why and why not? why do you

think your company’s site will be more effective than your competitors?

audiences: what are the site’s intended audiences? what are the benefits for them? are they

new or existing? how do you intend to acquire and retain an audience?

revenue model: a description of how the site intends to generate revenue. are you building an

indirect gain site, what is it (brochure, account management, content sites), what is its benefit to

the company? if direct gain site, are you doing e-tailing, subscription, commission, selling ads, or

other means
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