designing a website

Project Description:

this project entails the designing of a website that will be used by clients in the market to place orders for services offered. the company offers article writing services to the potential clients hence a client is able to place an order for 3 paged article at a given price per page.
do not worry about the content of the site. i will formulate it on my own. i need a 6 – paged website for this project.
the site should be able to perform the following:
allow a client to register his details including phone number and email address.
allow client to place an order for the service required i.e. client should choose whether to place
3 or 20 pages for an order.
the site should have an automatic calculator for prices varying according to number of pages and deadline.
the client should be able to check out with the total price of the order and make payment via paypal.
the orders placed by the client should be accessed by the administrator from a single point.

a sample of what is required can be found in this link
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Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $20 to $50
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