develop an information system plan for an organization

Project Description:

i attached the four weeks of task papers. week-5 paper you know.
create an 11-13 page information systems plan. the paper should be in apa format and include properly cited references that support any statements of fact.
develop an information system plan for an organization ( if you like you can choose a health care organization).
introduction to the organization and its business processes and identify at least five key business processes for which develop information systems plan (accounting, finance, etc).
analyze the entities and attributes that support the five key business processes.
analyze if ness applications such as crm, scm, and other applications would support the five key business processes.
include an analysis of how business intelligence application would play a role in these processes
select methodologies to develop and display these systems identified in the previous week.
prepare and submit a microsoft powerpoint presentation to present information systems plan. the target audience is :executive management." the presentation must include speaker notes and contain no more than 10 slide. the presentation intended to introduce the information assembled in the associated paper. ensure that the presentation is tied closely to the content of the associated paper. the presentation should contain reference/citations where appropriate.

professor wanted the paper according to the following rubric:

points-1 for the following
clear description of five business processes
clear definition of an information systems plan
development methodologies defined
performance measures identified
provide external support for your statement where appropriate.
11- pages (or 2200-2600 words).

points- 2 for the following
sentences are complete, clear, concise
sentences are well constructed, strong, and varied
sentence transitions are present, and maintain the flow of thought

points-2 for the following
apa formatting meets course level requirements
intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page
rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.
spelling is correct.
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