development strategy, family business

Project Description:

our reading this week examined the need for a development strategy for the successor to the family business. in your task this week you will be putting this important fact into action.

this is the scenario:
your family owns a well-established business that you will inherit in 5 to 7 years when your father retires. note: you can only choose from 1 of these 2 businesses:
a well established restaurant or
a manufacturer of windows
you have been working in the business, on and off, most of your life.
you will be graduating from berkeley college within the next 12 months with your bachelor’s degree.

your task:
in a msword document:
put together a development strategy for yourself to insure that you are ready to take over the family business in 5 to7 years.

make sure to create a detailed development strategy

explain what you intend to accomplish and why

at the top of the document, list the course name, your name, and the date
the document must be double spaced, 12-point font.
attach the document as a msword document

please christine, i need it asap by tomorrow 9 am new york time. by thursday 8/27/2015
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