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the spoke bicycle manufacturer

spoke is a bicycle manufacturing company based in boulder, co. the shops buys all the parts for its bicycles from various suppliers around the world. the parts are then assembled in the factory in boulder to produce a number of different bicycle models.

customers place orders for the bicycles they require, and delivery is estimated to
take three weeks. each customer order can consist of more than one model of bicycle, and the
required quantity of each model is also recorded on the order.

on friday of each week, a forecast is produced so the manufacturing department knows how
many of each bicycle model it needs to produce in the following week. the forecast is based on
the number of each model in stock and the quantity of each model ordered by customers. the
forecast is also used to place purchase orders for parts from the suppliers so that all the
necessary parts are available for the week’s production.

each individual bicycle that is assembled has a unique code stamped on the frame. when a
customer order is ready to ship, the frame code of each actual bicycle allocated to that
customer order is recorded so that each bicycle can be traced to a particular customer.

deliveries to customers can be arranged for complete or partial orders.

a) produce a sequence diagram for the use case ‘receive parts’’ in the spoke case described above. a brief description of this use case is given below.

“a list of all current suppliers is displayed by the system. a stores clerk selects the required
supplier from the list. the system responds by displaying all pending purchase orders
placed by spoke with this supplier. the clerk selects the purchase order which has been
delivered and modifies its status from pending to fulfilled. finally, the clerk enters quantities
for all delivered parts and the system updates the corresponding stock levels.”
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