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pick a “bigger” topic or concept out of the book. “bigger” basically means a topic or concept that you can write a 10 page paper on and give a 10 minute presentation on. something like a specific type of power, ethical theory, aggression, dialogue, etc….. then, once you’ve selected your topic, using your text and 5 academic research articles on the topic, you’ll need to:

-briefly explain the topic and why you selected the topic

-give a thorough example of some ethical dilemma in organizational life

-using your ethical dilemma, explain how your concept/topic could be used in the dilemma

-explain thoroughly how using your concept/topic makes the ethical dilemma “better”

-describe all shortcomings of your topic within this dilemma (i.e., no one ethical topic will be able to solve the totality of any ethical issue)

-lastly indicate how your topic can actually be applied in the “real world” in an organization (i.e., if you were a manager, what would/could you do to incorporate your topic into the organizational culture to which you belong? would you create a new policy? would you require weekly ethical checks of your employees? would you spy on them? would you change your behavior? etc……)

what to turn in: last week of class, turn in a 1 page (only one page!) abstract and reference list on canvas. this will not be “worth” any points. but if you do not turn it in, 10 points from your presentation will be taken off. then create a presentation (no more than 10 minutes…) informing the class of what you’ve researched and concluded about your topic. then be prepared for 5 minutes of questions from the class.
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